Ingela Skärsäter

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This study's aim was to elucidate health-care staff experience of working on a locked acute psychiatric ward. In many countries changes in health care has contributed to fewer beds available in inpatient care, and a concentration of patients with severe psychiatric conditions. This implies a changing work environment in acute psychiatric care. Qualitative(More)
This article describes the life circumstances of persons with a psychiatric disability living in one urban and six rural areas in a single region in Sweden. Furthermore, the life circumstances of persons with a psychiatric disability are discussed in relation to the aims of social policies in Sweden. Data were collected by means of a survey study exploring(More)
The purpose of the study was to describe patients' conceptions and experiences of care in compulsory treatment for acute onset of psychosis. Twelve patients with experience of compulsory treatment were interviewed in 2008-2009, and phenomenographic analysis was used to analyse the data. Two descriptive categories emerged in the results: receiving needed(More)
The aim of this longitudinal exploratory study was to identify and follow persons with the first episode of major depression (MD) to determine whether sense of coherence (SOC) changes over time. An additional purpose was to assess whether SOC is associated with depressive symptoms, aggression, and functional status either immediately after diagnosis or at 4(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of this prospective longitudinal study was to perform a large-scale investigation over a longer period of time, to evaluate changes in the effects of process-oriented group supervision (PGS) as reported by female and male nursing students undergoing a 3-year nursing education. The study included nursing students (n = 183) who were(More)
The aim of this study is to describe the meaning of living with bipolar disorder (BD) based on individuals' views of the illness and their future. Interviews were conducted with 18 participants who resided in Sweden and had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Qualitative content analysis was employed. The findings revealed that daily life of those with BD(More)
This focused ethnographic study aims at describing encounters in the healthcare environment on a locked psychiatric ward. It was carried out in Sweden on an acute psychiatric ward for patients with affective and eating disorders. Data were collected through participant observations and informal interviews, and analysed by qualitative content analysis. The(More)
This study aims to elucidate, from the children's perspective, the meaning for family life of a parent suffering a major depression disorder. Eight children and young adults were interviewed. Phenomenological-hermeneutic analysis generated two themes: (1) "Being a rescuing observer" with the subthemes, "Being attentive" and "Being considerate," and (2)(More)
This study aimed to analyse the outcomes of an educational intervention for family members living with a person with bipolar disorder. A longitudinal study was conducted comprising a 10-session educational intervention designed for families with members in outpatient mental health care. Thirty-four family members agreed to participate. Data were collected(More)
Major depression is a common illness, with a lifetime prevalence rate of 10-13% for men and 21-24% for women. The experience of having a serious illness such as major depression affects the individual's quality of life and requires significant adaptation in order to cope. The aim of this study was to explore sense of coherence and social support in patients(More)