Ingela Noredal Throbäck

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We re-evaluated PCR primers targeting nirS, nirK and nosZ genes for denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis as a tool to survey denitrifying community composition in environmental samples. New primers for both nirS and nosZ were combined with existing primers, while for nirK the previously published F1aCu:R3Cu set was chosen for denaturing electrophoresis.(More)
Knowing spatial patterns of functional microbial guilds can increase our understanding of the relationships between microbial community ecology and ecosystem functions. Using geostatistical modeling to map spatial patterns, we explored the distribution of the community structure, size, and activity of one functional group in N cycling, the denitrifiers, in(More)
Little is known about the genetic and phenotypic diversity of Gram-positive denitrifying bacteria. We compared the production of gaseous denitrification products for 14 closely related Bacillus soil isolates at pH 6 and 7 during 48-h batch incubations using a robotic gas-sampling apparatus. Primers targeting the nosZ gene encoding the nitrous oxide(More)
The use of silver ions in industry to prevent microbial growth is increasing and silver is a new and an overlooked heavy-metal contaminant in sewage sludge-amended soil. The denitrifying community was the model used to assess the dose-dependent effects of silver ions on microorganisms overtime in soil microcosms. Silver caused a sigmoid dose-dependent(More)
Paper mills processing recycled paper suffer from biofouling causing problems both in the mill and final product. The total bacterial community composition and identification of specific taxa in the process water and biofilms at the stock preparation and paper machine areas in a mill with recycled paper pulp was described by using a DNA-based approach.(More)
External carbon sources can enhance denitrification rates and thus improve nitrogen removal in wastewater treatment plants. The effects of adding methanol and ethanol on the genetic and metabolic diversity of denitrifying communities in activated sludge were compared using a pilot-scale plant with two parallel lines. A full-scale plant receiving the same(More)
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