Ingela Johansson

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Plant outward-rectifying K+ channels mediate K+ efflux from guard cells during stomatal closure and from root cells into the xylem for root-shoot allocation of potassium (K). Intriguingly, the gating of these channels depends on the extracellular K+ concentration, although the ions carrying the current are derived from inside the cell. This K+ dependence(More)
Gating of the outward-rectifying K+ channel TOK1 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is controlled by membrane voltage and extracellular K+ concentration. Previous studies identified two kinetically distinct effects of K+, and site-mutagenic analysis associated these K+-dependencies with domains of the extracellular turrets of the channel protein. We have mapped(More)
Childhood stress leads to increased risk of many adult diseases, such as major depression and cardiovascular disease. Studies show that adults with experienced childhood stress have specific epigenetic changes, but to understand the pathways that lead to disease, we also need to study the epigenetic link prospectively in children. Here, we studied a(More)
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