Ingegerd Rabow

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The present publication forms the documentation of the Nordbib Workshop on Open Access in Elsinore 23-24 April 2007. The aim of the workshop was to engage policymakers and stakeholders in a discussion about challenges and possibilities for scientific communication and scientific publishing in the Nordic countries. Part 1-State of the Art Report is providing(More)
A summary of the report The report describes the present situation in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland) regarding Open Access in scientific publishing. The present progress report presents comprehensive policy issues when present, as well as initiatives concerning a transfer to a more Open Access publishing policy, such as(More)
The number of papers published in European neurosurgical journals during the last decade (1980-90) was analysed using online databases. Thirteen journals devoted to neurosurgery were published in Europe at that time. In five of them neurosurgery appears together with other specialties. Almost 50% of all European neurosurgical journals are written in(More)
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