Ingegerd Fagerberg

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BACKGROUND Many studies have focused on reflection and the advantages that can be gained from the practice of reflection among Registered Nurses (RNs) but, what are the implications of the nurses' reflections, what do they reflect about, and how do they deal with their reflections? AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to describe the RNs'(More)
AIM   This paper is a report of a study of illuminating the meaning of 'learning to live with diabetes' 3 years after being diagnosed. BACKGROUND   A changed situation, for example, in relation to living with diabetes, raises a need to understand. How time for experience contributes to this learning process for people living with diabetes is not yet well(More)
It is difficult to recruit RNs to positions in various areas of elder care. The aim of this study is to understand the meaning of Swedish nursing students' reasoning during education about where in the health care system they would like to work as RNs after graduation. The students were interviewed using the same guide at the end of each of their three(More)
BACKGROUND Previous reports have shown that skin-to-skin care immediately after vaginal birth is the optimal form of care for full-term, healthy infants. Even in cases when the mother is awake and using spinal analgesia, early skin-to-skin contact between her and her newborn directly after cesarean birth might be limited for practical and medical safety(More)
AIM To describe supervisors' experiences of supervising nursing staff who care for older people in order to develop an understanding of the opportunities and limitations involved in supervision. BACKGROUND Little is known of what group supervision of nursing staff means for the supervisor, particularly in regards to care of the old. METHODS A reflective(More)
AIM This paper reports a study to illuminate the complex interaction between person and their life world during the burnout development period. BACKGROUND Burnout is a construct describing the psychological state resulting from ineffective strategies for coping with enduring stress in both client and non-client work. Role conflict and role ambiguity, or(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe how mothers of premature or sick mature babies, experienced the care and their own state of health after birth in postnatal care in a neonatal co-care ward. DESIGN A Husserlian phenomenology method inspired by Giorgi was used. Six mothers were interviewed using a semi-structured, open-ended interview guide. SETTING A neonatal ward(More)
RATIONALE The professional identity and experiences of nurses have been focused upon in different studies AIM This is a longitudinal study whose aim was to understand how nurses experience the meaning of their identity as nurses, when they are students and nurses 2 years after graduation. DESIGN Data were collected through interviews once a year during(More)
The aim of the study was to describe Registered Nurses' (RNs) experiences of their work environment in residential care homes for older persons. Twelve RNs were interviewed and latent content analysis was used for analysing the data. The data were collected in the spring of 2006. The findings revealed that these RNs experienced a paradoxical work(More)
The Swedish government implemented a reform, the Adel reform, in the care of older citizens in 1992, so that the communities where older people live became responsible for their care and housing. Nurses were appointed to make sure that older people were given accurate care and to act as supervisors for nurses' aides. In this study, 10 Registered Nurses from(More)