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Fluorescence microphotolysis (photobleaching) was used to measure, in single polyethylene glycol-induced polykaryons of hepatoma tissue culture cells, nucleocytoplasmic flux and intracellular mobility for a series of dextrans ranging in molecular mass from 3 to 150 kD and for bovine serum albumin. For the dextrans, the cytoplasmic and the nucleoplasmic(More)
The directional elongation of root hairs, "tip growth", depends on the coordinated and highly regulated trafficking of vesicles which fill the tip cytoplasm and are active in secretion of cell wall material. So far, little is known about the dynamics of endocytosis in living root hairs. We analyzed the motile behaviour of vesicles in the apical region of(More)
Field emission scanning electron microscopy of plasmolysed Tradescantia virginiana leaf epidermal cells gave novel insights into the three-dimensional architecture of Hechtian strands, Hechtian reticulum, and the inner surface of the cell wall without the need for extraction. At high magnification, we observed fibres that pin the plasma membrane to the cell(More)
We analysed cell wall formation in rapidly growing root hairs of Triticum aestivum under reduced turgor pressure by application of iso- and hypertonic mannitol solutions. Our experimental series revealed an osmotic value of wheat root hairs of 150 mOsm. In higher concentrations (200-650 mOsm), exocytosis of wall material and its deposition, as well as(More)
The present study was carried out on the evaluation and application of new biomarkers for populations exposed to occupational diesel exhaust at oil shale mines. Since not only genotoxic effects may play an important role in the generation of tumors, the level of porphyrin metabolism was proposed as a biomarker of diesel exhaust exposure effects. The data on(More)
Fig. S1. Chloroplastic pigments in young Brassica napus leaves of Fe-deprived (0 µM Fe), Fe-deficient (5 µM Fe) and Fe-sufficient (50 µM Fe) plants: (A) Chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, total chlorophyll and carotenoid concentrations, (B) Chl a/Chl b and carotinoids/total chlorophyll ratio. Vertical bars are mean ±SE (n=6). Bars carrying different letters are(More)
  • I Lang
  • 1981
The regression of atretic oocytes in Perca fluviatilis was studied by histochemical, light and electron microscopic methods. The course of regression can be divided into three stages, the first two comprising the dissolution of the atretic oocyte and its phagocytosis by the granulosa cells of the follicular epithelium, and the third stage consisting of the(More)
The bryophyte Mielichhoferia elongata is known to occur on copper-rich substrate, but the exact resistance level remained to be determined by in vitro experiments. Here, we tested its copper tolerance in graded copper solutions and compared the results to the moss Physcomitrella patens that is not known to inhabit heavy metal sites. Our results confirm the(More)