Ingeborg Geffers

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The sulfur inclusions from four strain ofBeggiatoa alba were observed by using a ruthenium red-glutaraldehyde technique and a modified Ryter-Kellenberger technique. Three of the four strains contained 4-to 5-nm-thick, single, electron-dense, layered sulfur inclusion envelopes. The fourth strain (B15LD) contained a complex pentalaminar sulfur inclusion(More)
Fulvocin C is a bacteriocin from Myxococcus fulvus Mx f16. It has a molecular weight of 4672 and is one of the smallest bacteriocins known. Four disulfide bonds give the molecule a tight structure, so that its native form was not attacked by chymotrypsin or pronase. Fulvocin C was stable in various organic solvents and could tolerate 80° C in aqueous(More)
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