Inge Schjødt

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BACKGROUND The treatment of heart failure (HF) is complex and the prognosis remains serious. A range of strategies is used across health care systems to improve the quality of care for HF patients. We present results from a nationwide multidisciplinary initiative to monitor and improve the quality of care and clinical outcome of HF patients using indicator(More)
Objectives To identify the learning needs of patients with heart failure between outpatients follow-up visits from their perspective and to ascertain what they emphasize as being important in the design of an educational website for them. Methods We conducted a two-step qualitative study at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark. Twenty patients with heart(More)
REVIEW QUESTION/OBJECTIVE: The objective of this systematic review is to identify and synthesize the best available evidence on risk factors associated with hospital readmission at different time points within the first year after heart failure (HF) hospitalization in patients suffering from HF with reduced ejection fraction (EF).More specifically, the(More)
Post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) is caused by venous insufficiency and is a frequent complication of deep venous thrombosis. Patients with PTS have reduced quality of life and an increased risk of recurrent deep venous thrombosis. Importantly, the risk of PTS is halved by the use of elastic compression stockings. This review outlines important practical(More)
BACKGROUND data are sparse on age- and sex-related differences in use of guideline-recommended care and subsequent mortality among patients with heart failure (HF). METHODS we identified 24,308 incident patients with a verified primary diagnosis of HF recorded during 2003-2010 in the Danish Heart Failure Registry. The registry monitors(More)
AIM OF DATABASE The aim of the Danish Heart Failure Registry (DHFR) is to monitor and improve the care of patients with incident heart failure (HF) in Denmark. STUDY POPULATION The DHFR includes inpatients and outpatients (≥18 years) with incident HF. Reporting to the DHFR is mandatory for the Danish hospital departments treating patients with incident(More)
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