Inge Odendaal

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Texture modification has become one of the most common forms of intervention for dysphagia, and is widely considered important for promoting safe and efficient swallowing. However, to date, there is no single convention with respect to the terminology used to describe levels of liquid thickening or food texture modification for clinical use. As a first step(More)
The daily intake of total dietary fibre of a group of 18 healthy volunteers was raised from a mean of 22.1 g to 32 g by supplementing their diet with either 23 g wheat bran or 15 g oats fibre tablets in a cross-over design for two 3-week periods with a wash-out period of 4 weeks in between. Both fibre supplements improved mean glucose tolerance, although(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study is contribute to clinical practice of bilinguals around the globe, as well as to add to our understanding of bilingual aphasia processing, by analysing confrontation naming data from four Afrikaans/English bilingual individuals with acquired aphasia due to a left hemisphere stroke. METHODS This is a case series analysis(More)
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