Inge L. Huibregtse

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Interleukin-10 (IL-10) plays an indispensable role in mucosal tolerance by programming dendritic cells (DCs) to induce suppressor Th-cells. We have tested the modulating effect of L. lactis secreting human IL-10 (L.  lactis(IL-10)) on DC function in vitro. Monocyte-derived DC incubated with L.  lactis(IL-10) induced effector Th-cells that markedly(More)
BACKGROUND Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) causes several alterations in gastrointestinal function. We hypothesized that levels of three commonly used fecal tests change after RYGB. METHODS Fecal levels of calprotectin, elastase, and alpha-1-antitrypsin were determined in 122 patients without signs of gastrointestinal disease 1 to 2 years after RYGB.(More)
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