Inga A. Laursen

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Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is an ideal biological material in which to search for new biomarkers for improved diagnosis of neurological diseases. During a lumbar puncture between 5 and 15 mL of CSF are obtained. Previous studies have assessed the ventriculo-lumbar concentration gradient of a number of specific proteins. In the present study we took a(More)
Al(OH)3 is the most common adjuvant in human vaccines, but its mode of action remains poorly understood. Complement involvement in the adjuvant properties of Al(OH)3 has been suggested in several reports together with a depot effect. It is here confirmed that Al(OH)3 treatment of serum depletes complement components and activates the complement system. We(More)
In two sublines of the estrogen receptor-positive human breast cancer cell line, MCF-7, propagated with 0.5% fetal calf serum (FCS) (subline 0.5) and without serum (subline 9), respectively, addition of 10% newborn calf serum (NCS) inhibits cell proliferation and stimulates the secretion of a 42 kDa protein. Both with and without NCS, estradiol (E2)(More)
BACKGROUND Recurrent invasive pneumococcal disease (rIPD) occurs mostly in children with an underlying disease, but some cases remain unexplained. Immunodeficiency has been described in children with rIPD, but the prevalence is unknown. We used a nationwide registry of all laboratory-confirmed cases of rIPD to identify cases of unexplained rIPD and examine(More)
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