Ing Wei Khor

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The plant virus, cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV), is increasingly being used as a nanoparticle platform for multivalent display of peptides. A growing variety of applications have employed the CPMV display technology including vaccines, antiviral therapeutics, nanoblock chemistry, and materials science. CPMV chimeras can be inexpensively produced from(More)
The plant virus cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV) has recently been developed as a biomolecular platform to display heterologous peptide sequences. Such CPMV-peptide chimeras can be easily and inexpensively produced in large quantities from experimentally infected plants. This study utilized the CPMV chimera platform to create an antiviral against measles virus(More)
The ability of an animal to develop a highly specific antibody response through affinity maturation has been considered an integral part of the adaptive immune response. However, much of the literature dealing with teleostean antibody responses suggests that little or no affinity maturation may occur within these taxa. As trout antibodies are similar to(More)
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