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Cultured neurons from the paravertebral sympathetic chain of rats possess excitatory P2X as well as excitatory uracil nucleotide-sensitive P2Y receptors. Preliminary observations had indicated that the analogous neurons of mice lacked P2X receptors. This difference was now investigated. Thoracolumbar sympathetic neurons from one- to three-day-old mice were(More)
Cultured neurons from the thoracolumbar sympathetic chain of newborn mice are known to possess release-inhibiting alpha(2)-autoreceptors. The present study was carried out in a search for release-modulating heteroreceptors on these neurons. Primary cultures were preincubated with [(3)H]noradrenaline and then superfused and stimulated by single pulses,(More)
The objective of the study was to clarify the postnatal development of the following transmitter release-modulating receptors of noradrenergic neurons in mice: alpha2-adrenoceptors, muscarinic, opioid and cannabinoid receptors (inhibitory), beta-adrenoceptors and receptors for angiotensin II and bradykinin (facilitatory). Wildtype (NMRI) and in some cases(More)
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