Inez F. Adams

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BACKGROUND Research comparing the effects of culturally targeted and generic but linguistically appropriate intervention programs is limited. We conducted a randomized controlled trial comparing the efficacy of a culturally targeted video, a generic video, and a fact sheet (control) in promoting mammography screening among Chinese-American immigrants. (More)
This study explored the association between perceptions of health care quality and quality of life in patients with advanced metastatic cancer and their informal caregivers (n=39). Patients' and caregivers' perceptions of health care quality, mental health, health-related quality of life, symptoms, and burden were measured. The key findings included the(More)
Black women are just as likely to have hereditary breast cancer mutations as White women, yet their participation in genetic counseling and testing is substantially lower. This study sought to describe Black women’s awareness and perceptions of BRCA1/2 testing and to identify barriers and motivators to seeking BRCA1/2 services. Fifty intercept interviews(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent reports suggest that Black breast cancer patients receive adjuvant therapies less often than their White counterparts; however, few studies have examined the self-reported experiences of Black breast cancer patients making treatment decisions. This study examined cultural beliefs and healthcare factors that impacted Black women's treatment(More)
We studied two rural telemedicine projects in the state of Michigan: one that enjoyed success and steady growth in activity, and one that experienced frustration and a lack of clinical utilization. Multiple data collection strategies were employed during study periods, which lasted approximately one year. Both projects enjoyed a grassroots approach and had(More)
PURPOSE To gain a better understanding of adolescents' knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors regarding hepatitis B. METHOD Three types of data were collected as part of this investigation: (a) 45 in-depth individual interviews with staff from 20 adolescent health, sexually transmitted disease (STD), and family planning clinics; (b) 96 individual interviews(More)
Asian Americans have consistently reported poorer communication with physicians compared with non-Hispanic Whites (NHW). This qualitative study sought to elucidate the similarities and differences in communication with physicians between Chinese and NHW breast cancer survivors. Forty-four Chinese and 28 NHW women with early stage breast cancer (stage 0-IIa)(More)
OBJECTIVE The number of Chinese-American breast cancer survivors (BCS) is increasing as a result of increasing incidence rates. There has been little research on Chinese BCS' follow-up cancer care. This qualitative study aims to understand how Chinese-American BCS experience and cope with physical distress relative to non-Hispanic White (NHW) survivors. (More)
Cancer-related stress is heavily influenced by culture. This study explored similarities and differences in survivorship care concerns among Chinese American and non-Hispanic White (NHW) breast cancer survivors. A sequential, mixed-method design (inductive/qualitative research-phase I and deductive/quantitative research-phase II) was employed. Eligible(More)
The Marquette General Health System (MGHS) initiated its telehealth program in 1995 with eight network sites in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. There are currently almost 30 active sites in this network that provide clinical, educational, and administrative services. In this article, MGHS is assessed against four criteria, namely, integration, evaluation,(More)