Ines Viktoria Stelzer

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Positive solutions of nonlinear Dirichlet BVPs in ODEs with time and space singularities 40/2012 S. Simonov, H. Woracek Spectral multiplicity of selfadjoint Schrödinger operators on star-graphs with standard interface conditions 39/2012 Combining micromagnetism and magnetostatic Maxwell equations for multiscale magnetic simulations 36/2012 M. Bukal, E.(More)
The mechanical tumor-growth model of Jackson and Byrne is analyzed. The model consists of nonlinear parabolic cross-diffusion equations in one space dimension for the volume fractions of the tumor cells and the extracellular matrix (ECM). It describes tumor encapsulation influenced by a cell-induced pressure coefficient. The global-in-time existence of(More)
We present hybrid finite element methods, which are equivalent to a discontinuous Galerkin method based on the ultra weak variational formulation (UWVF) by Cessenat and Despres. When solving a scalar or vectorial wave equation with hybrid finite elements, normal and tangential continuity of the flux field, respectively, is broken across element interfaces(More)
Biomass subpopulations in mammalian cell culture processes cause impurities and influence productivity, which requires this critical process parameter to be monitored in real-time. For this reason, a novel soft sensor concept for estimating viable, dead and lysed cell concentration was developed, based on the robust and cheap in situ measurements of(More)
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