Ines Teles Alves

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UNLABELLED We present iFUSE (integrated fusion gene explorer), an online visualization tool that provides a fast and informative view of structural variation data and prioritizes those breaks likely representing fusion genes. This application uses calculated break points to determine fusion genes based on the latest annotation for genomic sequence(More)
The VCaP cell line is widely used in prostate cancer research as it is a unique model to study castrate resistant disease expressing high levels of the wild type androgen receptor and the TMPRSS2-ERG fusion transcript. Using next generation sequencing, we assembled the structural variations in VCaP genomic DNA and observed a massive number of genomic(More)
The DNA mismatch repair (MMR) system corrects DNA replication mismatches thereby contributing to the maintenance of genomic stability. MMR deficiency has been observed in prostate cancer but its impact on the genomic landscape of these tumours is not known. In order to identify MMR associated mutations in prostate cancer we have performed whole genome(More)
Conclusões: Embora estes resultados sejam melhores do que em países europeus com recomendações semelhantes, é necessário explorar as causas das falhas observadas para otimizar a vacinação. ABSTRACT Background: In Portugal, pneumococcal vaccination is free of charge and recommended by the Directorate-General of Health for the pediatric population at high(More)
BACKGROUND This paper presents findings from a systematic review of the literature related to participation and the ICF/ICF-CY in educational research. OBJECTIVES To analyse how and investigate the application of participation in educational research. Specifically, how participation is related to the environmental dimensions availability, accessibility,(More)
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