Ines Merbach

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Individual uptake of As and Sb species in Pteris vittata have been investigated, but little information is available how uptake is affected if both metalloids are simultaneously present in different amounts. We investigated the uptake of antimony and its speciation in Pteris vittata cultivated in quartz substrate with, versus without, co-contamination with(More)
The study of sustainable land use is complex and long-term experiments are required for a better understanding of the processes of carbon stabilization. Objectives were (i) to describe for four long-term experiments the effects of fertilization and soil management on crop yields and the dynamics of soil organic carbon (SOC) and total N, and (ii) to discuss(More)
Remote sensing is an important tool for studying patterns in surface processes on different spatiotemporal scales. However, differences in the spatiospectral and temporal resolution of remote sensing data as well as sensor-specific surveying characteristics very often hinder comparative analyses and effective up- and downscaling analyses. This paper(More)
The desire to obtain a better understanding of ecosystems and process dynamics in nature accentuates the need for observing these processes in higher temporal and spatial resolutions. Linked to this, the measurement of changes in the external structure and phytomorphology of plants is of particular interest. In the fields of environmental research and(More)
  • Ines Merbach
  • Isotopes in environmental and health studies
  • 1996
Abstract The course of uptake of weed-borne nitrogen by maize was tested with (15)N in a pot experiment with silty loam after common growth of maize and Chenopodium album L., and mulching the weed in the 5-leaf stage of maize. Harvests 4,8 and 12 weeks after mulching show that the maize took up 35, 63 and 70% of the weed-borne nitrogen, resp., in(More)
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