Ines Masuck

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UNLABELLED When utilized in the perfuming of children's toys, fragrances capable of inducing contact allergy in human skin may also become bioavailable to children via the inhalation route. The aim of this study was to determine the area-specific emission rates of 24 fragrances from a plasticized PVC reference material that was meant to mimic a real plastic(More)
Fragrances capable of inducing contact allergy in skin potentially can migrate from the toy to the child via oral or dermal contacts. The goal of this work was the developing of an analytical method based on dynamic headspace GC-MS to determine the concentration of 24 fragrances in saliva or sweat simulant. Under optimized conditions, 5 mL of the migration(More)
In the revised European toy safety directive 2009/48/EC the application of fragrance allergens in children's toys is restricted. The focus of the present work lies on the instrumental analytics of 13 banned fragrance allergens, as well as on 11 fragrance allergens that require declaration when concentrations surpass 100 microg per gram material. Applying a(More)
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