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A previous study on G6PD deficiency carried out on Tunisian population, led to the finding of seven different mutations with the prevalence of G6PD A- variant. This present study reports 23 new unrelated deficient subjects studied at the molecular level to determine the mutation that causes G6PD deficiency. Using PCR-SSCP of coding regions followed by(More)
The IoT expects to exploit IEEE802.15.4e-TSCH, designed for wireless industrial sensor networks. This standard relies on techniques such as channel hopping and bandwidth reservation to ensure both energy savings and reliable transmissions. The 6TiSCH working group currently proposes to exploit the RPL routing protocol on top of the IEEE802.15.4-2012-TSCH(More)
Incremental adaptive relaying has shown an attractive compromise between robustness and spectral efficiency in cooperative networks. Relays are used to incrementally assist sources to transmit data to their destinations. In this paper, a joint optimization of switching thresholds and transmit power assignments is proposed. The relaying is used, if either(More)
The smart grid (SG) is widely acknowledged asthe new solution to be developed to handle distributed network fighting against the increase of renewable energy. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been extensively recognized as a promising technology that can improve various aspects of electrical models today as smart grid. Hence, WSNs are well suited for(More)
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