Ines E Schulten

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Habitat-specific cues play an important role in orientation for animals that move through a mosaic of habitats. Environmental cues can be imprinted upon during early life stages to guide later return to adult habitats, yet many species must orient toward suitable habitats without previous experience of the habitat. It is hypothesized that multiple sensory(More)
In this paper, the introduction of both a methionine residue and a nitrobenzyl derivative as a labile linker between the peptide part and the hydrophobic alkyl chain of a peptide amphiphile are presented. These modifications are shown not to inhibit the formation of structured assemblies that analogous peptide amphiphiles lacking the linkers are able to(More)
Objective To evaluate the effectiveness of a home-based alcohol prevention program to delay initiation of alcohol use in children. Methods In 2011, a total of 1349 sixth-grade children (M=12.15, SD=0.47) and their mothers who could read and write Dutch were recruited from primary schools in the northern part of the Netherlands. They participated in a(More)
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