Ines Chihi

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Problem statement: Handwriting movement is one of the most complex activities of human motions. It’s a blend of kinesthetic, cognitive, perceptual and motor components. The study of this biological process shows that a bell-shaped velocity profiles are generally observed in the handwriting motion. We, therefore, assume that the handwriting speed has an(More)
This paper deals with parametric identification based on Recursive Least Squares algorithm (RLS) to describe the human handwriting process. The electromyographic EMG signals records of muscle activities in the forearm during handwriting movements contain the adequate information to present this biological process. So, the handwriting process can be(More)
This paper deals with characterization and modelling of human handwriting motion from two forearm muscle activity signals, called electromyography signals (EMG). In this work, an experimental approach was used to record the coordinates of a pen tip moving on the (x, y) plane and EMG signals during the handwriting act. The main purpose is to design a new(More)
This paper deals with a fault detection approach based on an observer, applied to the handwriting biological process. This process is characterized by a linear model generating handwritten ships on bi-dimensional plane from two muscles activities of the forearm, called ElectroMyoGraphic signals (EMG). The specificity of our work is that the inputs of the(More)
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