Ines Ben Messaoud

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Document analysis and recognition systems include, usually, several levels, annotation, preprocessing, segmentation, feature extraction, classification and postprocessing. Each level may be dependent on or independent from the other levels. The presence of noise in images can affect the performance of the entire system. This noise can be introduced by the(More)
In this paper, we will present a mathematical analysis of the transition proportion for the normal threshold (NorT) based on the transition method. The transition proportion is a parameter of NorT which plays an important role in the theoretical development of NorT. We will study the mathematical forms of the quadratic equation from which NorT is computed.(More)
The objective of document preprocessing is to ease the text recognition or the document indexing processes. The analysis of historical documents seems to be a big challenge because the majority of those documents are noisy and present many degradations. In this paper we propose a preprocessing framework for a large dataset of historical documents. The(More)
In this article, our goal is to describe mathematically and experimentally the gray-intensity distributions of the fore- and background of handwritten historical documents. We propose a local pixel model to explain the observed asymmetrical gray-intensity histograms of the fore- and background. Our pixel model states that, locally, the gray-intensity(More)
Due to the fact that historical handwritten documents present many degradations, pre-processing of such documents is considered as a big challenge. Most pre-processing methods and specifically binarization return better results when they are applied on printed documents. We present in this paper a binarization approach adaptive for handwritten historical(More)
With the evolution of the next generation networks several applications have emerged to be used through the web. Applications allowing the analysis and the recognition of documents are emerged to be used through Internet. Document pre-processing output may affect the efficiency of document analysis and recognition systems. In order to ameliorate the(More)
Due to the reason that historical documents present many degradations, the analysis of such documents is considered as a big challenge. In this paper we present a system which allows automatic preprocessing of historical documents. One or many preprocessing methods, as well as sets of input parameters are selected for each book from the used database(More)
Results of document scanning are digital images. Image processing is considered as bidimensional signal processing. Such images are the input of document analysis and recognition systems. Information extraction is one objective of document analysis and recognition systems. Textline extraction is a crucial step of such systems because its output is(More)