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To evaluate the ability of a tiered quantitative morphological approach to reveal developmental neurotoxicity, morphometric parameters were measured in the offspring of rats treated with methylazoxymethanol (MAM) during days 13-15 of pregnancy. Treatment was aimed at inhibiting the proliferation phase of hippocampal neurons while leaving cerebellar neurons(More)
Our aim was to investigate a model of the morphologic approach proposed in guidelines for developmental neurotoxicity testing (DNT). Hereto, a limited DNT study [EPA Health Effects Test Guidelines OPPTS 870.6300, 1996a. Developmental Neurotoxicity Study "Public Draft", United States Environmental Protection Agency; Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic(More)
The susceptibility of developing immune system to chemical disruption warrants the assessment of immune parameters in reproductive and developmental testing protocols. In this study, a wide range of immune endpoints was included in an extended one-generation reproduction toxicity study (EOGRTS) design to determine the relative sensitivity of immune and(More)
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