Indranil Chattopadhyay

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Relativistic temperature of gas raises the issue of the equation of state (EoS) in relativistic hydrodynamics. We study the EoS for numerical relativistic hy-drodynamics, and propose a new EoS that is simple and yet approximates very closely the EoS of the single-component perfect gas in relativistic regime. We also discuss the calculation of primitive(More)
Matter accreting onto black holes has long been known to have standing or oscillating shock waves. The post-shock matter puffs up in the form of a torus, which intercepts soft photons from the outer Keplerian disc and inverse Comptonizes to produce hard photons. The post-shock region also produces jets. We study the interaction of both hard photons and soft(More)
The susceptibility of an individual to oral cancer is mediated by genetic factors and carcinogen-exposure behaviors such as betel quid chewing, tobacco use, and alcohol consumption. This pilot study was aimed to identify the genetic alteration in 100 bp upstream and downstream flanking regions in addition to the exonic regions of 169 cancer-associated genes(More)
This is to certify that the thesis entitled " Equilibrium and transport properties of constrained systems " submitted by Sri Debasish Chaudhuri, who got his name registered on 11th May, 2004 for the award of Ph.D.(Science) degree of Jadavpur University , is absolutely based upon his own work under the supervision of Dr. Surajit Sengupta and that neither(More)
The hot, puffed up, post-shock region of an advective disc is the source of high energy photons and also the jets and outflows. We study the relativistic equations of motion of jets as these high energy photons interact with them. We show that the much discussed terminal velocity of jets depends on the comparative value of radiative energy density, flux and(More)
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