Indrani Sarkar

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HIV-1 integrates into the host chromosome and persists as a provirus flanked by long terminal repeats (LTRs). To date, treatment regimens primarily target the virus enzymes or virus-cell fusion, but not the integrated provirus. We report here the substrate-linked protein evolution of a tailored recombinase that recognizes an asymmetric sequence within an(More)
The actinorhizal symbiosis is a mutualistic relationship between an actinobacterium from the genus Frankia and a wide variety of dicotyledonous plants representing 8 different families of angiosperms. Molecular phylogenetic approaches have identified four major Frankia lineages that have distinctive plant host ranges. Since the first published three Frankia(More)
Functional domains are semi-autonomous parts of proteins. The Per-Arnt-Sim (PAS) domain functions as signal-sensor in two-component systems of several bacteria. This domain exhibits large sequence diversity and is linked to other co-domains to modulate their function. In the present study, we analyzed the PAS domains found in the proteomes of several(More)
A novel actinomycete strain, assigned as Am3, was isolated from the root nodules of Alnus nepalensis at Mirik hills, India. Analysis of the 16s rRNA gene sequence placed this new strain within the genus Prauserella. The genome was sequenced by Illumina sequencing and resulting 5.33-Mbp high quality draft genome sequenced with a G + C content of 70.0 % and(More)
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