Indrani Perera

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BACKGROUND Rabies remains endemic in Sri Lanka despite a strong government patronized anti-rabies campaign. Personal, cultural or religious beliefs have been thought to influence health practices that could render rabies prevalent in the country. METHODOLOGY The knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of 580 household heads/members from Nuwara Eliya District,(More)
PURPOSE To examine the ability of contact lenses coated with fimbrolides, inhibitors of bacterial quorum sensing, to prevent microbial adhesion and their safety during short-term clinical assessment. METHODS A fimbrolide was covalently attached to commercially available high Dk contact lenses. Subsequently Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus,(More)
Laser-induced desorption mass spectrometry has been applied to a number of proteins in the mass range 5000-150,000 u. The beam from an excimer-laser-pumped dye-laser at 266 nm has been focused to a spot of about 50 microns in diameter with irradiances in the 10(7) W/cm2 region. A linear time-of-flight mass spectrometer has been used for mass spectrometric(More)
AIM The study determined the effects of packaging solution osmolality and buffering agent on soft contact lens parameters. METHODS One lens type from each FDA contact lens material category was equilibrated to phosphate buffered saline (PBS) or borate buffered saline (BBS), at three osmolality concentrations: 270, 310 and 414 mOsmol/kg. Lens diameter(More)
Rapid onset obesity, hypoventilation, hypothalamic, autonomic and thermal dysregulation, and neural tumours constitute a rare but distinct clinical syndrome (ROHHADNET) [1,2]. This commonly presents with obesity, but rapidly progresses to cardio-respiratory arrest and death in childhood if inappropriately managed. Rapid onset obesity, hypoventilation,(More)
A carbohydrate-protein biopolymer which has been called corallan has been isolated from the soft coralP. americana. It has been shown that corollan consists of a proteoglycan including a protein component and a polysaccharide component connected with one another by a fairly strong bond. The polysaccharide moiety is a sulfated glycuronoglycan containing(More)
Natural amylase inhibitors have been found in actiniae of the Caribbean Sea. From the actiniaS. helianthus an inhibitor has been isolated by gel filtration on Sephadex G-50 and ion-exchange chromatography on CM-cellulose that is highly specific in relation to the amylases of marine mollusks and is inactive in relation of the amylases from other sources.
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