Indrani Haque

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Application of data mining for web log analysis has received significant attention in finding customers' behavioral pattern in e-commerce and learners' behavioral pattern in e- learning. While hit-counts indicate customers' interest in the product or purchasing behavior, a student's visits to a Learning Management System (LMS) do not necessarily involve(More)
Drawing on both qualitative and quantitative data, the thesis describes and explains both the current patterns of natural protection against pregnancy and the use of modern contraception in the period following childbirth in two populations, one rural and one urban, in Bangladesh. First, quantitative data gathered through demographic surveillance systems of(More)
Multiple choice question (MCQ)-based assessment for higher education students can be a solution to reduce workload where teacher-student ratio is significantly high and also in distance learning approaches. Originating from the users problem claiming that “web-based and mobile-based tests are inconvenient and does not allow expected performance”, this(More)
The growth of internet over the years has generated greater interest in e-Learning as a tool for bringing the training to the learner’s door step. Well-designed e-Learning can offer the right mix of text, audio and video content to enhance the understanding of the learner. This paper investigates the impact of learner’s primary medium of instruction (MI) at(More)
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