Indrani Goswami

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Memetic algorithms (MAs) are population-based meta-heuristic search algorithms that combine the composite benefits of natural and cultural evolutions. An adaptive MA (AMA) incorporates an adaptive selection of memes (units of cultural transmission) from a meme pool to improve the cultural characteristics of the individual member of a population-based search(More)
This paper provides a new deterministic Q-learning with a presumed knowledge about the distance from the current state to both the next state and the goal. This knowledge is efficiently used to update the entries in the Q-table once only by utilizing four derived properties of the Q-learning, instead of repeatedly updating them like the classical(More)
In classical Q-learning, the Q-table is updated after each state-transition of the agent. This is not always economic. This paper provides an alternative approach to Q-learning, where the Q-value of a grid is updated until a Boolean variable Lock associated with the cell is set. Thus the proposed algorithm saves unnecessary updating in the Q-table.(More)
Path-planning is an interesting problem in mobile robotics. This paper proposes an alternative approach to path-planning of mobile robots using the artificial bee colony (ABC) optimization algorithm. The problem undertaken here attempts to determine the trajectory of motion of the robots from predefined starting positions to fixed goal positions in the(More)
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