Indrajit G. Roy

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SUMMARY The aim of seismic waveform inversion is to estimate the elastic properties of the Earth's subsurface layers from recordings of seismic waveform data. This is usually accomplished by using constrained optimization often based on very simplistic assumptions. Full waveform inversion uses a more accurate wave propagation model but is extremely(More)
Dedication To my family. v Acknowledgements I would like to acknowledge, foremost, my advisor Prof. Sanjay Banerjee. I should thank him for providing me the opportunity to pursue graduate study, his constant support for the last six years – both intellectual and material, and the flexibility he afforded to me to define and follow my interests. Second, I(More)
We describe a numerical study performed to appraise the ability of seismic amplitude data to infer the time evolution of pore pressure and fluid saturation due to hydrocarbon production. To this end, we construct a synthetic, spatially heterogeneous hydrocarbon reservoir model that is subject to numerical simulation of multiphase fluid flow. Hydrocarbon(More)
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