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Owing to the unprecedented growth in computing power, electronics miniaturization and mobile and wireless network interconnections the internet has metamorphosed into Internet of Things (IoT) which refers to next stage of the information revolution whose context involves billions of individuals and devices interconnected to facilitate exchange of huge(More)
Cloud services have grown very quickly over the past couple of years, giving consumers and companies the chance to put services, resources and infrastructures in the hands of a provider. There is a big security concern when using cloud services. Security is very important in cloud computing since people and companies store confidential data in the cloud. It(More)
And non-linear interpolation. The empirical evaluation shows that the proposed system is better than current Access control mechanism is very important phase over internet based services. Cloud computing is internet based service application provide variety of services such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. For the accessing of cloud services cloud service provider(More)
This article first surveys existing protocols for supporting IP mobility and then proposes an extension to the Mobile IP architecture, called TeleMIP. Our architecture attempts to achieve smaller handoff latency by localizing the scope of most location update messages within an administrative domain or a geographical region. TeleMIP is intended for use in(More)
Smartphone usage has been continuously growing in recent times. Smartphones offer Personal Computer (PC) functionality to the end user, hence they are vulnerable to the same sorts of security threats as desktop computers. Cloud computing is a new computing paradigm and a breakthrough technology of recent times. Its growing popularity can be attributed to(More)
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