Indrajit Chakrabarti

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Most of the area occupied in the design of FIR filter is the multiplier. The low power and area architecture of pulse shaping FIR filter for digital up converter was designed. In the existing system, the two bit binary common sub-expression based binary common sub-expression elimination algorithm and shift and add method was used to generate the partial(More)
This paper proposes a low-power, high-speed architecture of a reconfigurable root-raised cosine (RRC) filter which serves as a major component of a digital up converter (DUC). The proposed RRC filter can be reconfigured at any time to suit one of three different interpolation factors and one of two different roll-off factors pertaining to various modern(More)
Novel high-throughput architecture for a turbo decoder, which has been conceived by combining the advantages of pipelining and parallel processing, is proposed. Increase in throughput has been achieved by pipelining the add compare select offset (ACSO) unit and advancing the normalisation process in the ACSO unit based on global overflow protection logic.(More)
RS (32, 28) code is popularly used for compact disk player. In this work, a modular architecture of RS (32, 28) encoder and decoder employing the regular structure of Cellular Automata (CA) has been proposed. The work also identifies a mistake in an existing related work and recti- fies it for locating double errors. The proposed CA based double error(More)
H.264, which is the most advanced video compression standard till date, includes novel algorithms for quantization and inverse quantization processes. In this paper, a new hardware architecture exclusively based on combinational logic is proposed for the quantizer and inverse quantizer blocks for real-time video processing. Implemented in Xilinx14.1,(More)