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Mixture Model research has been widely implemented for numerous purpose in motion tracking applications. This method usually applied for tracking and counting the vehicles in Intelligent Transport System (ITS). In this context, Mixture Model chosen is Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) method, due to its powerful features. Unlike many motion tracking-based(More)
Traffic congestion in Makassar has occurred over the last 3 years due to the increase of vehicle amount with the lack of adequate road space. To solve the problem, the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is needed. One of the research topics in ITS is determining the turnover time of traffic lights based on the number of vehicles in the road.(More)
This research analyzed the use of daubechies wavelet as a feature extraction and confusion matrix as the principal parameter of accuracy percentage level in neural network. Detection process began with image pre-processing, lung area segmentation, feature extraction, and training phase. Classifications of the system output consisted of normal lung, pleural(More)
In this research, an adaptive timely traffic light is proposed as solution for congestion in typical area in Indonesia. Makassar City, particularly in the most complex junction (fly over, Pettarani, Reformasi highway and Urip S.) is observed for months using static cameras. The condition is mapped into fuzzy logic to have a better time transition of traffic(More)
In the foreign currency exchange (FOREX), a technical data analysis system for predicting currency movements is needed to help traders in decision making. Thus, this study proposes a system of technical data analysis to movement prediction of Euro to USD using Genetic Algorithm-Neural Network (GANN). To generate a predicted value, Genetic Algorithm(More)
This study proposed a new insight in comparing common methods used in predicting based on data series i.e statistical method and machine learning. The corresponding techniques are use in predicting Forex (Foreign Exchange) rates. The Statistical method used in this paper is Adaptive Spline Threshold Autoregression (ASTAR), while for machine learning,(More)
Recently, the wireless sensor network has been widely deployed for medical care purpose. We have developed a wireless sensor network that can monitor the patients' pulse status for triage purpose, so that a medical team can monitor remotely the health condition of patient and they can treat the patient based on severity of patients' health condition. We(More)
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is a method used in traffic arrangements to make efficient road transport system. One of the ITS application is the detection and tracking of vehicle objects. In this research, Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) method was applied for vehicle detection and Kalman Filter method was applied for object tracking. The data used are(More)
This research presents a colour segmentation method using Hue, Saturation, Value (HSV) colour space based on fuzzy c-means clustering (FCM) to segment nucleus from single cell Pap smear images. Nucleus is a structural part of cell which can indicate whether a cell is normal or abnormal. This research aims to analyze the performance of colour space in the(More)
This study aims to calculate eyelid area to classify eye condition become awake or drowsy as the initial stage of a drowsiness detection system. This work used 40x95 matrix of 500 single eye images from 4 respondents. The input image will be processed into brightness enhancement, grayscaling, thresholding and eyelid area measurement. The problem of(More)