Indra P. Singh

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Given recent advances in pulse molecular biology, genomics-driven breeding has emerged as a promising approach to address the issues of limited genetic gain and low productivity in various pulse crops. The global population is continuously increasing and is expected to reach nine billion by 2050. This huge population pressure will lead to severe shortage of(More)
Draft genome sequence in pigeonpea offers unprecedented opportunities for genomics assisted crop improvement via enabling access to genome-wide genetic markers. In the present study, 421 hypervariable simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers from the pigeonpea genome were screened on a panel of eight pigeonpea genotypes yielding marker validation and(More)
Northeast India is rich in Citrus genetic diversity representing several wild and cultivated species. Besides commercially cultivated species, several wild, semi-wild and domesticated species namely Citrus indica, C. macroptera, C. ichangensis, C. latipes, C. megaloxycarpa and C. assamensis are found to grow in Northeast India. These species have great(More)
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