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Rule Based Machine Translation (RBMT) and Statistical Machine translation (SMT) have different approach in performing translation task. RBMT uses linguistic rule between two languages which is built manually by human in general, whereas SMT uses co-occurrence statistic of word in parallel corpora. We combine those different approaches into(More)
— Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia contribute around 53% of the GDP. To increase their market competitiveness, SMEs need to be able to integrate and automate their business processes at least to a certain extent. An ERP system can be a solution for SMEs because of its advantages i.e. quickened information response time, increased interaction(More)
BACKGROUND Some patients with Cushing's syndrome have nodular adrenal hyperplasia. In most the disease is corticotropin-dependent, but in others it is corticotropin-independent. The cause of the adrenal hyperplasia in the latter patients is not known. METHODS We studied a 49-year-old woman with Cushing's syndrome and nodular adrenal hyperplasia in whom(More)
Our report describes the results of work in our participation in the Indonesian-English question-answering task of the 2006 Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF). In this work we translated an Indonesian query set into English using a machine translation tool available on the internet. Documents relevant to a question are first retrieved. The relevant(More)
Multiple Kernel Learning (MKL) is one of recent approaches to choose suitable kernels from a given pool of kernels by exploring the combinations of multiple kernels. For linear kernel, the target kernel is a linear combination some base kernels. However, some literatures suggest that a linear combination of kernels cannot consistently outperform either the(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method, association rules mining for Named Entity Recognition (NER) and co-reference resolution. The method uses several morphological and lexical features such as Pronoun Class (PC) and Name Class (NC), String Similarity (SP) and Position (P) in the text, into a vector of attributes. Applied to a corpus of newspaper in the(More)
Previous studies have been conducted in gene expression profiling to identify groups of genes that characterize the colorectal carcinoma disease. Despite the success of previous attempts to identify groups of genes in the progression of the colorectal carcinoma disease, their methods either require subjective interpretation of the number of clusters, or(More)