Indra Budi

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Our report describes the results of work in our participation in the Indonesian-English question-answering task of the 2006 Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF). In this work we translated an Indonesian query set into English using a machine translation tool available on the internet. Documents relevant to a question are first retrieved. The relevant(More)
One of the considered business opportunities that exploit the geographical aspect is the branch office expansion. However, this activity still has some problems to learn various location criteria, either in quantitative or qualitative form. Moreover, there is a need to analyze those criteria quickly to get a proper location priority that will be expanded.(More)
This paper describes the design of question answering system that participates in the maintask of QA4MRE at CLEF 2013. This system will initially perform preprocessing stage of the document and the documents related questions. Then, it identifies the type of questions in order to be able to search the answers with the most appropriate approach. In order to(More)
Previous studies have been conducted in gene expression profiling to identify groups of genes that characterize the colorectal carcinoma disease. Despite the success of previous attempts to identify groups of genes in the progression of the colorectal carcinoma disease, their methods either require subjective interpretation of the number of clusters, or(More)