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Twenty six patients of different types of leprosy were studied for radio active iodine uptake (I131) and serum levels of triiodothyronine (T3), thyroxine (T4) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). None of the patients had clinical evidence of thyroid involvement. No significant difference was found between the values obtained in patients and normals and in(More)
Sera from twenty six patients of various types of leprosy were tested for the detection of circulating auto-antibodies and nuclear components against thyroid using various methods. Four patients of lepromatous leprosy had higher levels of thyroid auto-antibodies by latex agglutination. Three patients showed the presence of anti-nuclear antibodies, two(More)
During a survey on the septate gregarine parasite of Aphids a species of septate gregarines (Protozoa: Sporozoa), Hirmocystis theodoridesi was isolated from the mid gut of Aphis fabae. Distinctive characteristics of Hirmocystis theodoridesi and its taxonomic position have been redescribed. The prevalence of the infection was 25 out of 60 (33.3 %).
The description of a new species of cephaline gregarine Quadruspinosporaoxyae sp.nov from a grasshopper (Orthoptera:Acrididae) is presented. Trophozoite has an elongated body measuring 120-163.6 (146 ± 14.1) µm with digitiform epimerite that is in the form of a question mark, measuring 6.5-23.6 (13.8 ± 5.3) µm in average. The mature sporadins associate(More)
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