Indira Jai Prakash

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India is witnessing a demographic revolution, leading to a considerable increase in the proportion of older people in the population. Similarly, life expectancy of both the mentally and physically disabled has improved considerably. About 5% of Indian older people have problems with physical mobility. Aging has become a gender issue in India not only(More)
Demographic changes have forced gerontologists to focus attention on the gender based character of population ageing. Ageing is likely to become a 'gender issue' with a large number of women surviving into very old age in almost all the countries of the world. Elderly women, especially in Third World countries like India, face several jeopardizes. They are(More)
A sample consisting of Menopausal, pre menopausal and post menopausal women in the age range of 36 to 50 years was studied using a two stage screening procedure for identifying and assessing psychiatric morbidity. The screening device, General Health questionnaire (GHQ) identified 21 of the 105 women studied as 'possible cases'. On further interviews using(More)
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