Inderpreet Kaur Sur

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During cell division, transcription factors (TFs) are removed from chromatin twice, during DNA synthesis and during condensation of chromosomes. How TFs can efficiently find their sites following these stages has been unclear. Here, we have analyzed the binding pattern of expressed TFs in human colorectal cancer cells. We find that binding of TFs is highly(More)
Multiple cancer-associated single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have been mapped to conserved sequences within a 500-kilobase region upstream of the MYC oncogene on human chromosome 8q24. These SNPs may affect cancer development through altered regulation of MYC expression, but this hypothesis has been difficult to confirm. We generated mice deficient in(More)
We have investigated the electronic thermal conductivity and thermoelectric figure of merit of ͑100͒ and ͑111͒ oriented PbTe/Pb 1Ϫx Eu x Te quantum wells. Our theoretical formalism includes the nonparabolicity of the carrier dispersion, band anisotropy, as well as carrier scattering on acoustic and optical phonons and presents a substantial improvement over(More)
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