Inderjit Chopra

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This paper investigates the behavior of piezoelectric elements as strain sensors. Strain is measured in terms of the charge generated by the element as a result of the direct piezoelectric effect. Strain measurements from piezoceramic (PZT) and piezofilm (PVDF) sensors are compared with strains from a conventional foil strain gage and the advantages of each(More)
Ground effect on hovering rotor performance has been widely studied both experimentally and theoretically, yet most applications have focused on global thrust and power values. Motivated by the Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Challenge (HPH), an attempt to further study ground influence on a hovering rotor of highly elastic blades in extreme ground(More)
A new solution for the SLAM problem is presented which makes use of a scan matching algorithm, and does not rely on bayesian filters. The virtual map is represented in the form of an occupancy grid, which stores laser scans based on the estimated position. The occupancy grid is scanned by means of ray casting to get a scan of the virtual world, called "(More)
This paper presents the status and progress of the ongoing work directed towards the development and implementation of autonomous navigation algorithms for Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAV). The method proposed is founded on a mapping methodology, which is supported by a laser scan matching algorithm and virtual occupancy grid method. Navigation and path planning(More)
Optic flow and Wide Field Integration (WFI) have shown potential for application to autonomous navigation of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs). In this study the application of these same methods to other tasks, namely station-keeping and wind rejection, is examined. Theory surrounding optic flow, WFI and wind gust modeling is examined to provide a theoretical(More)
Currently a 50 gram micro quad rotor vehicle is being developed in collaboration with Daedalus Flight Systems. Optimization of the design at this scale requires a systematic study to be carried out to investigate the factors that affect the vehicles performance. Endurance of hovering vehicles at this scale is severely limited by the low efficiencies of(More)