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Testing is one of the important aspects of Software Engineering and there is wide availability of open source software testing tools in this category of which Selenium, Sikuli and Watir are usually used open source automated testing tools. This paper presents the comparative analysis of these different tools in terms of their recording capabilities, Data(More)
—Mobiles are an integral part of daily life. With time, customers are expecting good and very versatile applications in less time. It is a big challenge to develop high performance mobile applications in this competitive market that would meet the expectation of customers. Mobile operating systems vendors are giving their best available resources for making(More)
  • Er Kiranpreet, Kaur Lecturer, Deptt Bbsbec, Fatehgarh Sahib, Er Vikram, Mutenja Lecturer +5 others
  • 2010
This paper reports the implementation, in MATLAB environment, of a very simple but efficient fuzzy logic based algorithm to detect the edges of an input image by scanning it throughout using a 2*2 pixel window. Also, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in MATLAB has been designed to aid the loading of the image, and to display the resultant image at different(More)
This paper describes an experimental study of constraint-based network design. We used a novel network design tool, implemented in Java, to design representative networks joining major U.S. cities. The cost of three topologies: Best Star, Minimum Spanning Tree MST, and Delaunay T riangulation, are compared, with and without localized traac constraints. The(More)
Transdermal drug delivery (TDD) is a technique that is used to deliver a drug into the systemic circulation across the skin. This mechanism of drug delivery route has many advantages, including steady drug plasma concentrations, improved patient compliance, elimination of hepatic first pass, and degradation in the gastrointestinal tract. Over the last 30(More)
Culture and characterization of fetal derived cells have received particular attention because of their easy access and possible source of stem cells for the study of development and differentiation. The present study was carried out to establish buffalo fetal fibroblast cell culture, and their longevity, expression patterns of pluripotency markers with(More)
An early and accurate diagnosis of reproductive dysfunctions or aberrations is crucial to better reproductive management in livestock. High reproductive efficiency is a prerequisite for high life-time production in dairy animals. Early pregnancy diagnosis is key to shorten the calving interval through early identification of open animals and their timely(More)
We design an optimal preventive maintenance policy for a system of N items that minimizes the total expected maintenance cost. We assume that the budget for preventive maintenance is limited and constrained. The problem has a finite time horizon and we consider constant inter-preventive maintenance times for every item. The resulting nonlinear optimization(More)
An early, reliable and noninvasive method of early pregnancy diagnosis is prerequisite for efficient reproductive management in dairy industry. The early detection of pregnancy also help in to reduce the calving interval and rebreeding time which is beneficial for industries as well as farmers. The aim of this work is to identify potential biomarker for(More)