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For differentiating a male from a female sternum, a metrical study of 400 adult North Indian sterna (312 males and 88 females) obtained from medicolegal postmortems was made. If the combined length of the manubrium and mesosternum was more than 140 mm. the sternum was male, and if less than 131 mm. it was female. No opinion could be given if the length was(More)
In order to reconstruct the face from a bare skull, the facial soft tissue thickness (FSTT) was determined at 29 standard anthropological landmarks by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in 173 male and 127 female adult subjects of northwest Indian origin. Repeatability and accuracy of the measurements was assessed by paired t-test and 95% confidence(More)
The shape of the thyroid gland, its extension as the pyramidal lobe (PL) and attachments of the levator glandulae thyroideae (LGT) were studied in 410 male and 160 female adults from the Chandigarh zone in northwest India during medicolegal autopsies performed in the department. Whereas the measurements of the gland were recorded in 210 subjects, the(More)
Measurements of the trachea and the two main bronchi including the subcarinal angle and the angles of the bronchi with the vertical were taken in specimens obtained from 370 adults, 60 children and adolescents up to 17 yr and 27 dead newborns. These measurements showed a gradual increase with age up to a certain point (often 31-35 yr in males and 26-30 yr(More)
The blood supply of the human interventricular septum was studied in hearts obtained from 500 (300 males and 200 females) medicolegal autopsy subjects aged 18 to 75 years. In 350 specimens the coronary arteries were injected with 20 per cent solution of cellulose acetate butyrate and branches supplying the septum were displayed by dissection while in the(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE The suitability of pig as an animal model for research in coronary artery disease is well established. As coronary arteries (CAs) of the pig are reportedly closely resemble those of man. We investigated the CAs of the pig (Sus scrofa) and study differences between the two, if any. METHODS The origin and pattern of the coronary(More)
The proportion of the cortical thickness to the total diameter of the bone (cortical index) was calculated in paired clavicles obtained from 128 male and 82 female medicolegal postmortem subjects who were apparently healthy prior to their accidental death. The ages of the subjects varied from 15 to 85 years. The clavicles were cut either horizontally or(More)