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Recently, processor power density has been increasing at an alarming rate resulting in high on-chip temperature. Higher temperature increases current leakage and causes poor reliability. In this paper, we propose a Predictive Dynamic Thermal Management (PDTM) based on Application-based Thermal Model (ABTM) and Core-based Thermal Model (CBTM) in the(More)
Dynamic Thermal Management techniques have been widely accepted as a thermal solution for their low cost and simplicity. The techniques have been used to manage the heat dissipation and operating temperature to avoid thermal emergencies, but are not aware of application behavior in Chip Multiprocessors (CMPs). In this paper, we propose a temperature-aware(More)
This paper proposes dynamic thermal management (DTM) based on a dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) technique for MPEG-4 decoding to guarantee thermal safety while maintaining a quality of service (QoS) constraint. Although many low-power and low-temperature multimedia playback techniques have been proposed, most of them are impractical in(More)
Recently multimedia applications become one of the most popular applications in mobile devices such as wireless phones, PDAs, and laptops. However, typical mobile systems are not equipped with cooling components, which eventually causes critical thermal deficiencies. Although many low-power and low-temperature multimedia playback techniques have been(More)
With increasing power densities, raising operating temperatures in chips threaten system reliability. Thermal control therefore has emerged as an important issue in system design and management. For dynamic thermal control to be effective, predictive thermal models of the system are needed. Such models typically use power as input, which renders them(More)
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