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UNLABELLED Abstract Objective: There is evidence that Korean red ginseng (KRG) can reduce the production of the adrenal corticosteroids, cortisol, and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and thus may be a viable treatment for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The present randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial tested the effect(More)
We study the transition route to complete synchronization through phase synchronization in generic coupled nonidentical chaotic oscillators. Through numerical studies, two routes are found, i.e., one, via lag synchronization, the other, via the intermittent chaotic burst state without lag synchronization. We claim that these two routes are universal. As(More)
Korean mistletoe lectin (KML) is composed of A and B sub-chains. The B-chain binds to cell surfaces, whereas the A-chain hinders translation because it is a RIP (ribosome inactivating protein) inducing apoptosis. Although KML has various biological and immunological activities, its potential use in cancer therapy or as an adjuvant therapy is limited by its(More)
The intermittency is investigated when the current reversal occurs in a deterministic inertia ratchet system. To determine which type the intermittency belongs to, we obtain the return map of velocities of particle by using stroboscopic recordings, and by numerically calculating the distribution of the average laminar length <l>. The distribution follows(More)
We present an efficient method to understand the p-brane dynamics in a unified framework. For this purpose, we reformulate the action for super pbranes in the form appropriate to incorporate the point-like (parton) structure of higher dimensional p-branes and intend to interpret the p-brane dynamics as the collective dynamics of superparticles. In order to(More)
Outer resonances are studied as one type of quasinormal modes in two-dimensional dielectric cavities with refractive index n > 1. The outer resonances can be verified as the resonances which survive only outside the cavity in the small opening limit of the dielectric disk. We have confirmed that the outer resonances universally exist in deformed cavities(More)
We study a new type of ± 2π irregular phase jumping behavior before the onset of phase synchronization (PS) in a system of two coupled self-sustained hyperchaotic Rössler oscillators. The behavior is understood as a stochastic hopping of an overdamped particle in a potential which has 2π-periodic minima. We characterize it as type-II intermittency with(More)
We construct a locally supersymmetric worldsheet formulation of a nonAbelian Ramond-Neveu-Schwarz (NARNS) string theory where the string coordinates are noncommuting matrices in a group U(N). This is described by the two dimensional supergravity coupled to supersymmetric Yang-Mills fields and adjoint matters in the gauge group U(N). We show that our NARNS(More)
It is well known that the strongly deformed microcavity with fully chaotic ray dynamics cannot support high-Q modes due to its fast chaotic diffusion to the critical line of refractive emission. Here, we investigate how the Q factor is modified when two chaotic cavities are coupled, and show that some modes, whose Q factor is about 10 times higher than that(More)
BACKGROUND Korean mistletoe (Viscum album coloratum) is a semi-parasitic plant that grows on various trees and has a diverse range of effects on biological functions, being implicated in having anti-tumor, immunostimulatory, anti-diabetic, and anti-obesity properties. Recently, we also reported that Korean mistletoe extract (KME) improves endurance exercise(More)