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The neuropeptide oxytocin (OT) has been implicated in a range of mammalian reproductive and social behaviors including parent-offspring bonding and partner preference formation between socially monogamous mates. Its role in mediating non-reproductive social relationships in rodents, however, remains largely unexplored. We examined whether OT facilitates(More)
Euler considered sums of the form ∞ ∑ m=1 1 m s m−1 ∑ n=1 1 n t. Here natural generalisations of these sums namely [d 1 , d 2 ] := [d 1 , d 2 ](s, t) = ∞ ∑ m=1 χ d 1 (m) m s m−1 ∑ n=1 χ d 2 (n) n t , have been investigated, where χ d 1 and χ d 2 are characters, and s and t are positive integers. The cases when d 1 and d 2 were either 1, 2a, 2b or −4 have(More)
The triple integrals W 1 (z 1) = 1 π 3 π 0 π 0 π 0 dθ 1 dθ 2 dθ 3 1 − z 1 3 (cos θ 1 cos θ 2 + cos θ 2 cos θ 3 + cos θ 3 cos θ 1) and W 2 (z 2) = 1 π 3 π 0 π 0 π 0 dθ 1 dθ 2 dθ 3 1 − z 2 3 (cos θ 1 + cos θ 2 + cos θ 3) , where z 1 and z 2 are complex variables in suitably defined cut planes, were first evaluated by Watson in 1939 for the special cases z 1 =(More)
BACKGROUND Medical events, such as stroke, limb fractures, joint replacements and spinal injuries, can lead to acute functional disability at all ages and to chronic disability, especially among the elderly. Rehabilitation is, therefore, essential for the prevention of permanent disability among older individuals. There are international practice guidelines(More)
PURPOSE Official suicide statistics often produce an inaccurate view of suicide populations, since some deaths endorsed as being of uncertain manner are in fact suicides; it is common, therefore, in suicide research, to account for these deaths. We aimed to test the hypothesis that non-suicide death categories contain a large potential reservoir of(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the development of cross-reactive antibodies following natural exposure to pathogens. Such knowledge is critical in the development of new universal influenza vaccines. METHODS To study the possibility of the presence of cross-reactive antibodies to influenza viruses which underwent a major antigenic drift between the(More)
The objective of this research was to classify the deaths of 98 victims of suicide in Tel Aviv, Israel between the years 2007 and 2010. This was done by examining background features and clinical characteristics among suicide completers with histories of a prior psychiatric hospitalization using logistic regression modeling. 34% of the sample (33/98) was(More)
The most potent environmental synchronizer of "biologic clocks" in mammals is the light-dark cycle. The author describes experiments that identify a particular pathway--a derect connection between retina and hypothalamus--as the main route by which such biologic rhythms as the daily activity cycle, the estrous cycle, and the annual reproductive cycle are(More)
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