Inbal Cohen

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A young adult with no prior history of affective disease suffered the onset of a rapid cycling bipolar illness, marginally responsive to psychotropic medications, following a mild closed-head injury, and persisting after the cognitive effects of the injury had resolved. A concurrence of findings on the neurological examination, neurobehavioural examination,(More)
Tamoxifen treatment in premenopausal breast cancer patients may be associated with ovarian overstimulation, cystic formations and fibroid overgrowth Sir-Tamoxifen is known to be effective adjuvant therapy for breast cancer in pre-and post-menopausal patients with positive oestrogen receptor proteins (Early Breast Trialists' Collaborative Group, 1992).(More)
Simple liver cysts (SLC) are generally rare and are typically symptomatic when detected in infancy. We present a case of a newborn infant in whom fetal ultrasound and MRI revealed a cystic structure. Postnatal imaging revealed a septated, single cystic structure causing mass effect on the common bile duct and partially obstructing the inferior vena cava.(More)
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