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INTRODUCTION This was a prospective randomized clinical trial comparing the effect of bracket type on the duration of orthodontic treatment and the occlusal outcome as measured by the peer assessment rating (PAR). METHODS A multi-center randomized clinical trial was carried out in 2 orthodontic clinics. Sixty-two subjects (32 male, 30 female; mean age,(More)
AIM To determine the impact that information leaflets have on patient expectations of orthodontic treatment. DESIGN A prospective, randomized controlled study. SETTING The Orthodontic Department at Queen Mary's Sidcup, South London Healthcare NHS Trust. PARTICIPANTS Eighty adolescents, aged 12-14 years,attending their first orthodontic consultation(More)
BACKGROUND Accident and emergency (A&E) doctors are often the first to assess dental and dento-alveolar injuries. Early diagnosis and appropriate management is essential for a good long-term prognosis of restored dental aesthetics and function. OBJECTIVE To evaluate A&E doctors' knowledge of the management of dental injuries, and appropriate onward(More)
OBJECTIVE The maximum surgical blood ordering schedule (MSBOS) has reduced but not eliminated the over-ordering and wastage of blood products. Electronic cross-matching (ECM) may be a suitable alternative method to provide blood on demand in eligible cases. The purpose of this study was to assess the department's current blood ordering policy and to(More)
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