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Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is a rare neurological condition associated with a variety of underlying conditions, including preeclampsia. The headache associated with PRES may be indistinguishable from post-dural puncture headache, which may result in diagnostic delay. We report a case of PRES that was initially diagnosed as(More)
BACKGROUND Unlike the brain tuberculoma, tubercular osteomyelitis of the skull is very rare and not sufficiently described in the literature. Awareness of this entity makes diagnosis possible. CASE DESCRIPTIONS Two unique cases of cranial and epidural tuberculosis (TB) with absence of intradural and brain involvement are presented. Both patients presented(More)
OBJECTIVE We describe herein a surgical technique, whereby we use a liposuction device for the laparoscopic treatment of hepatic hydatid cysts (HHC). METHODS Ten patients with 12 hepatic hydatid cysts were treated with this technique. All patients received pre- and postoperative antiscolecidal medications. The laparoscopic technique consisted of partial(More)
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