Inakwu O. A. Odeh

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Fuzzy systems, including fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic, provide a rich and meaningful improvement, or extension of conventional logic. The mathematics generated by this theory is consistent, and fuzzy set theory may be seen as a generalisation of classic set theory. Applications in soil science, which may be generated from, or adapted to fuzzy set theory(More)
Classifying remote sensing imageries to obtain reliable and accurate land use and land cover (LULC) information still remains a challenge that depends on many factors such as complexity of landscape, the remote sensing data selected, image processing and classification methods, etc. The aim of this paper is to extract reliable LULC information from Landsat(More)
It is well known that the world is rich with soil data resulting from the efforts of past soil surveys. However, the majority of these data is largely unused. These legacy soil data come in the form of soil maps, soil survey reports, soil profile descriptions, and/or in the format of antiquated " card catalogue ". These data provide many benefits including(More)
Deep drainage (DD) is recognised as one of the main drivers for dryland and irrigated salinity. Review of the literature on risk and hazard highlights few Australian studies on assessing DD risk and the need to develop new methods for determining DD risk. This study developed a method to map DD risk for the Northern Murray Darling Basin Catchment of the(More)
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