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The need for culturally appropriate language tests served as motivation for this study. The aim of the study was to evaluate the suitability and adaptability of the Afrikaanse Reseptiewe Woordeskattoets (ARW) (Buitendag, 1994) for a group of seven and ten year old non-standard Afrikaans speaking children from the coloured community in Gauteng, North West,(More)
The study examines the relationships that exist between early recurrent otitis media, language and central auditory processing in children. A retrospective case-control experimental design was employed and ten subjects were allocated to each of the two research groups, namely children with a history of early recurrent otitis media (research group 1) and(More)
The aim of this article is to discuss some of the important issues that form the basis of curriculum development for education in speech-language therapy and audiology. The demands of the profession are such that a horizontal occupational structure is no longer adequate in the multicultural, multilingual RSA context. It is therefore necessary to investigate(More)
This study aimed at the evaluation of the efficacy of a parent-centered intervention strategy, based on an integrated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of the pre-school stutterer. A number of psycho-linguistic, psycho-social, physiologic and fluency variables were measured before, during and after intervention. The therapy programme was(More)
Current literature emphasizes the role of the speech-language therapist with regard to language learning disabled children. A lack of research regarding the language abilities of the older language learning disabled child was, however, identified. The possibility of continued spoken and written language problems in aid class children who have been placed(More)
This article focuses on the psychometric characteristics of "Die Afrikaanse Reseptiewe Woordeskattoets (ARW)". The psychometric analysis indicates the test forms (A and B) to be equivalent, reliable and valid and that the ARW can thus be used with confidence as a screening and re-evaluation device for the evaluation of receptive vocabulary as well as(More)