Ina Taralova

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The paper deals with the synchronization of a new statistically highly performant function firstly introduced by Lozi. The synchronization is reached via observers which reconstruct all the states of the original system, using only a partial information of it. The map has been rewritten as a piece-wise affine one, which allows to design two types of(More)
In this paper an improved chaotic switching algorithm based on modified Lozi system is applied. Generally speaking, the main advantage of the switched encrypted model is its robustness to the noise, while the main drawback is the slow processing speed. In this article we propose to gain model productivity by adjusting parameter in Lozi chaotic generator.(More)
The paper presents a novel chaotic encryption algorithm which can be used to improve the communication security. An uncomplicated process of chaotic substitution permutation network (SPN) with variable control parameters is proposed to form a robust chaotic cryptosystem. A new chaotic generator, firstly proposed by Lozi, is used for this purpose. For the(More)
The modified Lozi system is analyzed as chaotic PRNG and synchronized via observers. The objective of the study is to investigate chaotic-based encryption method that preserves CSK model advantages, but improves the security level. The CSK model have been discussed to message encryption because it implies better resistance against noise, but there are many(More)
The paper deals with the synchronization of two chaotic Sigma-Delta Modulators. The synchronization is reached via two modulators: one of the modulators is used to code the input information into a bitstream, while the second demodulator is used to decode the obtained bitstream into the original state of the applied input signal. In this way, the system(More)
This paper analyses the behaviour of a second order DPCM (Differential Pulse Code Modulation) transmission system when the nonlinear characteristic of the quantizer is taken into consideration. In this way, qualitatively new properties of the DPCM system have been unravelled, which cannot be observed and explained if the nonlinearity of the quantizer is(More)
In this paper, we design and implement under Matlab/Simulink some efficient digital chaotic generators for data encryption/decryption process. Some of these generators (logistic, PWLCM, Frey) are known, the others xcos(x), xexp[cos(x)], 2-D Tmap) are proposed. A number of designed generators contain cascaded layer to improve the statistical properties of(More)