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Feature-oriented programming (FOP) implements software product lines by composition of feature modules. It relies on the principles of stepwise development. Feature modules are intended to refer to exactly one product feature and can only extend existing implementations. To provide more flexibility for implementing software product lines, we propose(More)
Software-product-line engineering has gained considerable momentum in recent years, both in industry and in academia. A software product line is a family of software products that share a common set of features. Software product lines challenge traditional analysis techniques, such as type checking, model checking, and theorem proving, in their quest of(More)
Delta-oriented programming (DOP) is a modular approach for implementing software product lines. Delta modules generalize feature modules by allowing removal of functionality. However, DOP requires to select one particular product as core product from which all products are generated. In this paper, we propose <i>pure delta-oriented programming</i> (Pure(More)
Software product line engineering aims at developing a set of systems with well-defined commonalities and variabilities by managed reuse. This requires high up-front investment for creating reusable artifacts, which should be balanced by cost reductions for building individual products. We present a model-based framework for automated product derivation to(More)
Delta modeling is an approach to facilitate automated product derivation for software product lines. It is based on a set of deltas specifying modifications that are incrementally applied to a core product. The applicability of deltas depends on feature-dependent conditions. This paper presents abstract delta modeling, which explores delta modeling from an(More)
Delta-oriented programming is a compositional approach to flexibly implementing software product lines. A product line is represented by a <i>code base</i> and a <i>product line declaration</i>. The code base consists of a set of delta modules specifying modifications to object-oriented programs. The product line declaration provides the connection of the(More)
Software product line (SPL) engineering is a well-known approach to develop industry-size adaptable software systems. SPL are often used in domains where high-quality software is desirable; the overwhelming product diversity, however, remains a challenge for assuring correctness. In this paper, we present delta-oriented slicing, an approach to reduce the(More)